Significant research shows parks add attractiveness, healthy air, and value to a city.

In the past I know that our parks had been left out of the budget. I am committed to the maintenance and improvement of all the parks in our city and have eagerly supported the recent plans for the sculpture and shelter in "R" park and the improvements like the bike trail at Nall Park. Additionally, I know future plans for Roe Boulevard include many features that will give this corridor more of a park feel, in line with what we all appreciate about Roeland Park.

Pool and Community Center

Because of our love for the Roeland Park Aquatic Center, I am very concerned about making sure that it matches and exceeds the standard of other community pools around.

I support the maintenance that has been done through the winter months, but we need to be attentive to this moving forward. As city councillor I will take pool concerns seriously and will have a first-hand look at the condition of the pool throughout the summer.

I agree with many Roeland Parkers that we need to improve our community center.

I think it is an important short-term goal to improve the quality of the amenities and services we provide there because it is an important hub for our community. Longer term, we need to look at the feasibility of growing the community center into a more appealing draw for residents, as well as a destination and revenue source from non-residents.


I believe there is great opportunity here to find creative solutions that attract shops that provide beneficial services and also wish to invest more deeply in Roeland Park.

Based on the latest survey results, many of my neighbors in Ward 4 would love that same sense of community we feel in our neighborhoods to permeate our shopping areas. But we would also not want to give up the convenience of some of our larger stores. I know we would also like to see the stores in our community treat all customers and employees as respected community members in terms of service and pay. As Ward 4 city councilor I am eager to explore these possibilities.

City Services and Infrastructure

I want to look at existing service providers and make sure the city is getting the best service we can.

Like my neighbors, I want leaf pickup wastewater management and other utilities to stay in peak condition. We all want the power to stay on even during storms. If it goes out, we ought to have power restored as quickly as possible.

As reflected by many of us on the latest city survey, I am on board with plans to beautify and calm Roe Boulevard, like those planned for Roe 20/20, and create greater access for walkers and bikers.

The existing plans that the city has made through extensive research and surveying also include many features that will give our community a sense of place while also granting easier passage across Roe so that families in Ward 4 can better participate in city events happening on the west, and vice versa. I want to make sure these are executed according to the desires of our community.


We can also set aside a little more time and money to do the kinds of things that sustain healthy communities.

One of the highlights of Roeland Park that I hear in talking to neighbors is the sense of community and friendship that develops here. The city survey has also indicated Roeland Parkers want more opportunities to socialize. We have been a metro area leader for inclusion, but I know that we can do more to welcome those friends and neighbors who may feel excluded because of one of their identities, including age, race, LGBTQ identity, religion or other factors. I want to stand up for this in line with the sentiments of our city.